Cartlett UK Customer Service - 08432 894781

Welcome to our website, representing just a small part of Cartlett's retail business in Haverfordwest.  We were established in 1968 and have always operated as a small family business, selling a very wide and diverse range of products, often too varied to classify under one description!  

We hope you will find something of interest on our website and return to discover new products listed, as we add more and more items within the many different and growing categories.  It's always worth calling us or sending a quick email, if you can't see the item you are looking for, especially if similar such items are listed.

We have thousands of different products waiting to be added to our website, as time permits.  As a family business, often likened to 'Arkwright's Shop' in the popular TV series, we may not be in the forefront of technology with barcodes and stock control systems in place and we do still do write promotional signs on our windows in whitewash, but we also hope to be known for our large stocks and customer service.

Our website is operated independently of our 'bricks and mortar' shop, so prices may differ slightly sometimes from our in-store prices.